An innovative project management platform, helping to identify hindrance points and optimize the project's workflow.


Working as a part of a DevOps team and separately as freelancers with different clients drove us to the conclusion that there is a concrete missing part in the chain of production, where usually we have different teams working on different tasks getting stuck in their workflow. And without a good overview of the project, the links between the situations take too long to be identified.
What it does

Flowmotion is an Innovative DevOps Project management platform, that helps to identify hindrance points and optimize the project's workflow. You can use its very easy and user-friendly interface to measure working time within the different teams/tasks, while having a great overview on their progress (using three different viewing modes), identifying the problematic points and reading comments from the team as to the reasons they see to it.

How we built it

Lacking a programmer withing the team, the project was entirely built using motion graphics, in order to illustrate the look and feel of its features and specifications.
Challenges we ran into

Challenges came mostly from two directions. Firstly, leading a team and finding good tasks for everyone within the constellation (what in turn eventually brought us to separation into different teams), and Second, was the deep research that had to be done in order to find real day to day problems within a DevOps project management situation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Keeping the spirit up and the professional workflow as a small team consisting mainly of designers.
What we learned

We've learned that we have quite a strong passion for designing and conceptualizing of such platforms, together and each one of us on his/her own, and that interesting connections come from very unexpected places and situations.
What's next for Flowmotion

We see Flowmotion as a simple and yet efficient breakthrough in project management tools for development, and recognize its ability to be a very useful and strong tool within the current market, both for big companies, small startups, and even for freelance online/offline product designers. We would like to pursue its completion as a product and we find a great deal of excitement and business potential in doing so.
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